Version 4.1.20 Has Released!

January 21, 2023-


  • Added custom kingdom gamertags, making it easy to identify what kingdom a player is in. Easily change the color of these gamertags by going to kingdom settings

Version 4.1.10 Has Released!

December 17, 2022- After a three month hiatus, KingdomCraft is back and better than ever! Version 4.1.10 adds many, many quality of life changes and finally allows the server to live up to its name. Here's a short summary of what we changed:


  • Added the "Book of KingdomCraft", which allows players to easily manage their kingdoms from one place.

  • Added shopping district at spawn.

  • Added new spawn area.

  • Updated server anti-cheat.

  • Added highways in the Nether.

  • Added world borders at +-25,000 in Overworld and End, and +-3,125 in the Nether. It is impossible to go past these points.

  • Overworld highways now end at +- 5,000.


  • PVP is now allowed throughout the server, except spawn and kingdoms less than ten days old.

  • Doors, trapdoors, and all containers (except chests) can now be interacted with by adventure players.

  • Any players with hacked items will now be instantly banned.

  • Enabled fire spread.

  • Removed ability to place individual plot protection, meaning players must join a kingdom to have plot protection.

  • Removed ability to place plots in the Nether and End.

Make sure to report any bugs you find in this release to our bug tracker (on the Forms page).