Although rules on KingdomCraft are overall loose, the goal is to keep a good community. Below are the rules of the Minecraft and Discord servers:

“+” indicates also applies to Discord server

I. Use no hacks or cheats of any kind (including anything that gives an unfair advantage)

II. Keep swearing to a minimum +

III. Respect moderators +

IV. Use common sense (e.g. not spamming, being annoying, etc.) +

V. Do not repeatedly kill any player, or kill players on their plot. Repeated PVP or PVP on plots is only allowed if both groups agree to it.

  • PVP can also be restricted on an individual basis if needed, such as during server events.

  • Items taken during PVP must be given back, unless otherwise noted.

VI. Staff reserve the right to remove anything that negatively affects server performance.

VII. Bypassing plot protection to grief will result in a ban.

VIII. Staff can punish for whatever else they deem appropriate, such as but not limited to toxicity, excessive drama, etc. KingdomCraft’s goal is to keep a good community. +

IX. Being derogatory on the server (e.g. excessive swearing, racist remarks etc.) will result in a ban. +