KingdomCraft Relations Committee

KingdomCraft Relations Committee:

Key to KingdomCraft is getting players to work together. The KingdomCraft Relations Committee (KRC) is the basis for this, and allows kingdoms to come together to run the server collectively. All kingdoms are invited to join, no matter their beliefs.

In place of the normal in-game staff team, we have replaced it with the KRC. You can think of the KRC as an international organization in real life; but, instead of managing international affairs, it deals with server-wide ones. Just like other international organizations, all kingdoms come together for the greater good. Most votes in the KRC are non-binding; however, they still carry significant weight.

All kingdoms will select one representative from their kingdom to represent them in the KRC. This member will vote on that kingdom’s behalf. Representatives must have access to Discord, as this is where the KRC will meet. Kingdoms must also ensure their representative accurately represents their beliefs.

Once a representative is selected, they will go to work voting on resolutions. These resolutions are always proposed by kingdom representatives; nobody else, including the KRC leader or server administrators, can propose these. Once a resolution is brought forth for a vote, representatives will vote on it. Representatives have three options: vote yes, no, or abstain. Abstaining is when a representative votes neither yes or no, or is absent.

Resolutions can widely range from recognizing territory to condemning a kingdom for war. The only requirement for a resolution is that it relates to in-game affairs. Representatives cannot, for example, vote to delete a Discord server that somewhat relates to the server. If a resolution is passed (51 percent in favor), it will then be enacted by the KRC. Resolutions are non-binding, however, meaning kingdoms can choose to ignore them if they please. The only binding resolution is when a kingdom asks for more territory. This is equivalent to international recognition of land in real life.

The KRC is also encouraged to maintain the server in other ways. For example, forging peace treaties, forming other committees, and overall server maintenance. For example, forming a committee to manage server highways, or forming a task force to find thieves and griefers.

KingdomCraft Relations Committee Rules:

The KRC leader is charged with overseeing the committee. This person cannot be affiliated with a kingdom, and cannot vote on resolutions or propose them. His only job is to decide when proposed resolutions should be voted on.

  • Each KRC leader must be elected by at least 51 percent of the vote from representatives. The first KRC leader is exempt from this, as he was appointed by the owner.

  • KRC leader candidates must be from outside the committee.

  • KRC leaders can be removed from office by a 60 percent vote by representatives.

  • If the position remains vacant, the KRC cannot vote on other resolutions until a new leader is appointed. Previously passed resolutions will remain in effect, however.

The main duty of the KRC leader is to decide when resolutions are voted on. All proposed resolutions must be voted on. Resolutions must be voted on within 21 days of their proposal, unless they are considered urgent, in which case they must be voted on within 5 days.

Committee Representative Duties:

Every committee member must be present for the majority of sessions. If not, they can be suspended from the KRC until they are. In this case, a kingdom will receive no vote unless they appoint a new, more dedicated representative or their current one starts participating.

  • A KRC representative can only be suspended by the KRC leader. Suspended does not mean fired.

The KingdomCraft Relations Discord also contains several channels for representatives’ use. These include:

  • general-discussion: Used to debate newly proposed resolutions, or those about to be voted on.

  • voting: Used to vote on resolutions. Accepted responses include “Yes”, “No”, or “Abstain”. Anything else will be considered an “abstain” vote, and your vote will not count. You have 24 hours to vote on a resolution.

  • propose-resolution: Used to propose resolutions.

  • committee-discussion: Used to discuss or create new committees. Note that committees can only be created through resolutions.

  • passed-resolutions: View resolutions that passed.

  • Representative-Meeting: Private voice chat to discuss with other representatives.

  • Press-Room: Public voice chat to discuss with the public.

These should be used as intended. If not, your resolutions or votes could go ignored.

Resolution Format:

When you propose a resolution, it should contain the following: a title, your Discord name, urgency, and a description.

  • The title can be whatever you want it to be, and should relate to the resolution in some way. (e.g. calling a resolution about diamonds the “Save the Diamonds Resolution”)

  • Your resolution must contain your Discord name. If not, the KRC cannot vote on it.

  • Your resolution must contain what kingdom you represent.

  • If your resolution is urgent, mark it as so. Else, you can ignore this.

  • The description is what your resolution is about.

Make sure that your resolution is submitted, one way or another, to the #propose-resolution channel. If not, it will not be voted on.

Kingdom leaders: Make sure to fill out the KRC form (on the Forms page) so we can know who your representative is.