What is KingdomCraft?

KingdomCraft is a survival server that allows players to create their own kingdoms. With this comes the ability for kingdoms to:

  • Create their own rules

  • Manage their own trade

  • Diplomatically deal with other kingdoms

  • And whatever else they want to do.

You can think of a kingdom as its own nation. Added with little to no staff intervention, it is up to kingdoms to manage their own problems in a diplomatic way. The KingdomCraft Relations Committee (KRC) provides this, and allows all kingdoms to have a say in server events; essentially acting as a player-run staff team.

There are basic rules that your kingdom must follow, including no hacking or vulgarness. Other than these, though, your kingdom is free to do whatever you want. You can make rules as strict or as lenient as you want, decide what type of government you want your kingdom to have, establish trade deals, build a thriving kingdom economy, kill those you disagree with, and more! The new world borders at 25,000 blocks also ensures that resources are limited, meaning self-isolation will not work.

All of this is possible through our new, intuitive user interface. Through this, you will be able to establish your kingdom by yourself; no staff or command blocks necessary! Through this, you can also establish where you want your kingdom’s territory to be. This will act as your kingdom’s plot protection, which will prevent almost all theft and griefing. There should be no worries about making your kingdom public, and, in fact, will allow your kingdom to host player shops, tournaments, events, and more!

There are also ample chances to hit back at your enemies. Your kingdom will have the opportunity to cause destruction if you want it to, but, be warned, your actions will not go unpunished. The KRC will ensure that kingdoms align against you if you are not careful, so make sure you strategize beyond just killing everyone you see and hoping for the best.

KingdomCraft aims to supplement vanilla multiplayer survival and force players to work together. There is no individual plot protection on the server, meaning you must find a kingdom to join, or create your own. We believe that multiplayer is more fun when you play with others; not just isolating yourself. We also believe players should not be restricted. Our loose rules provide the perfect opportunity for your kingdom to play Minecraft in its own way.

From the Server: